Benefits Of Using Name Tags For Pre School Children

One may ask why wearing labels are an important part which is included in most preschooler’s time at their respective kindergarten. Most preschools are very strict about your child wearing their given badge on a daily basis, and if you have been wondering why, well here are a few reasons. 

Every year with the admission of a new student, these teachers are bound to find one student that is stubborn, shy or simply does not get along with all the rest. These children come from a variety of background, all beginning their educational career together. The main point of kindergartens or play groups is to encourage your child to move with others of his age group and learn the basic traits in life; like how to ask for items or to share. Name tags for kids are generally given out on the first day of preschool and all students are required to wear them. And here are a few reasons why this is given such strict attention.


As mentioned before, with each admission come a number of students from a variety of backgrounds or statuses. One, who is may have come from a high class family may have flashier items than a child coming from a family who maybe can’t afford that much. This breaks a child down in his or her level of self-confidence. By introducing name tags for kids, they will typically set a standard of equality. All students wear the same kind of badge and no one feels any less than another student.

Makes them feel like they are part of a team

Wearing labels in this manner also helps them feel like part of a team. Each kindergarten class will probably have labels of a different colour or shape and so the student of one class will typically and unconsciously stick together and work as a team.

Improves self-confidence

With the teachers being able to call students out by their name, their self-confidence will be increased in large amounts.

Assists teachers in keeping a head count of all the children in their class

Yet another area where labels will be increasingly effective will be in helping the teachers keeping a head count of all the children in the class. This will also increase the degree of familiarity the teachers will have with their students in their respective classes plus the amo8unt of familiarity among the students themselves.

Therefore introducing labels as part of the preschool life is quite important.