How To Properly Use A Gait Trainer

There are kids due to certain disabilities find it hard to walk. In the past there wasn’t much help for these people other someone actually holding them up and making them walk but over time things such as pacer gait trainers were invented and are now in common use. These are very useful for a multitude of people who need different types of support in terms of gait training. But the thing is that most people don’t really know how to operate the various accessories that comes with gait trainers. All of these accessories are there for the purpose of it being able to cater to a wide range of people as possible.

Now gait trainers like the best rifton activity chair has clamps which make the height adjustment a lot easier. This also allows it to be possible for the gait trainer to grow up with your child. Feel free to use the best possible height for your child. The gait trainer is designed in a way so that minute changes can be made so utilize this feature for your benefit. Also keep in mind that these come in different sizes so make sure to pick the right size for child as every model can only be adjusted within a given range. If the range is not sufficient you need to go for a bigger model.

Moving on the arm prompts of the gait trainer is also very important. If used properly these can be very useful, it frees up the hands and allows your child to freely use his or her legs. They can even be placed on the bar to support a forward leaning position. It will depend on your child’s needs as to where it should be positioned. Of course there recommended settings to use these prompts hence you should consult your therapist for the most ideal position for your child. They are usually aware of the best possible solution for you. Best thing would be to take the rifton activity chair you bought next time you go for a visit.

The chest prompt of the gait trainer has a similar use. Depending on how bad the situation is or how much of support your child needs it can be adjusted. It can be used to utilize a forward moving position or whichever position is required. Moving on not everyone needs full support of the trainer so for people like that they have the option of using the gait trainer in the posterior support position. The arm clamps would be in front of the trainer like arm rests.

All in all can be adjusted to suit the needs of your child very easily so don’t forget to use them.